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I'm a computer science and math graduate from Millersville University. I work as a Solutions Architect and specialize in development operations and systems validation for web applications.

During my time at Millersville I was the lead Linux admin for the Cyber Defense Organization (CDO). In addition to constructing a new computer lab for our efforts, we participated in NCL and MACCDC.

Most of my development experience is focused around full stack development. For the front-end I use TypeScript and ReactJS using create-react-app or NextJS. For back-end systems I have used both Java with Spring Boot and rust with actix-web extensively. To mediate APIs I have used Apache Kafka, OpenAPI, and GraphQL.

My free time is spent engaging in general computing hobbies. When I'm not trying out new application frameworks, I am fiddling around with Guix or NixOS. I run a kubernetes cluster at home to manage, maintain, and secure my personal network as well as experimenting with distributed workloads.

- Kevin H.
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